La Réserve Culinaire - Proud Partner of Bryan Marsh's Great Ocean Crossing

Montreal, September 9, 2020 - La Réserve Culinaire - a ready-to-eat company under the umbrella of L'Académie Culinaire - is pleased to support Bryan Marsh's solo transatlantic crossing project and the related fundraising for the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute.

This impressive project was born on a hospital bed and particularly touched the president of La Réserve Culinaire, Mr. François Martel:

"What Mr. Marsh is undertaking is an adventure of philanthropic scope that resonates particularly with me. My own father died at 56 of a heart attack. Mr. Marsh's strength to leap from a heart attack to this mental and physical challenge is beyond inspiring! I had to support him in his mission to help the health of our fellow man.'' François Martel, founding chef of La Réserve Culinaire.

The support provided by La Réserve Culinaire is twofold. First, a month's worth of delicious sous-vide and frozen meals are offered to Mr. Marsh to accompany him on his journey. In addition, Mr. Martel and his La Réserve Culinaire are actively participating in a fundraising project for the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute.

In fact, it is with Mr. Marsh's mission in mind that La Réserve Culinaire will donate 10% of its total sales linked to the code TRAVERSEEMARSH from August 12 to December 31, 2020.

It's a gourmet partnership: together, let's give back and wholeheartedly support Bryan Marsh's fabulous philanthropic journey!

"It is truly an honor for me to partner with La Réserve Culinaire. This partner, which specializes in easy-to-prepare fine dining, will undoubtedly enhance my Atlantic crossing. What fascinates me the most about La Réserve Culinaire is the high quality of the products, combined with a quick and straightforward preparation, perfectly adapted to life at sea or in a marina. Bryan Marsh, sailor-skipper and heart attack survivor.

Treat yourself today at, mention the code TRAVERSEEMARSH at checkout and you will have donated 10% of your cart to the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute - Laval University!

about La Réserve Culinaire

La Réserve Culinaire is a ready-to-eat vacuum-packed and deep-frozen food company developed by Chef François Martel, founder of L'Académie Culinaire. This renowned institute was founded in 1995 and represents a guarantee of quality in the food industry. The company offers so-called Clean Label meals that feature superior quality local products and absolute freshness. With La Réserve Culinaire, Mr. Martel continues his mission to make the pleasure of eating well accessible to all, without compromise... even across the Atlantic!

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