Reimbursement & delivery policies

Reimbursement Policy


The products of the store are not refundable, only the defective products will be replaced. In this case, please do not send the defective products by mail or by post.

Please keep the products in the freezer and contact customer service to request a replacement.

We will only replace damaged or improperly packaged products. These will be exchanged for a gift card that you can use on your next purchase.


The products will be delivered to the address and date that you will have indicated at the entry of your order. Otherwise, if there is no date indicated, we will deliver within 48 hours. You will be notified by email of our intentions to deliver your order the day before.

In the event that the selected delivery date is earlier than the availability date of a certain product, the entire order will be delivered on the availability date of said product.

In case of absence at the time of delivery, and unless specific notice and or instructions as described by the customer when ordering, our delivery person will leave your order at your door.

We are not responsible for address, suite, floor, entry and postal code errors, theft and/or damage.

You are responsible for providing us with all relevant delivery information. Please use the "Delivery or Branch Pickup Instructions" box in the shopping cart for any additional information needed.