Weekly Menu : April 20th to 23rd

Weekly Menu : April 20th to 23rd

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Sous Vide Cooked, Deep Frozen Ready-To-Eat Meals

***Deliveries for the "Weekly Menu : April 20th to 23rd" Meal Box are available starting Tuesday, April 20th***.

There's nothing like a well-organized week of balanced and delicious meals... have you tried our food management strategies?

La Réserve Culinaire prides itself on offering you dishes made from fresh and local produce, served in minimalist packaging, to be enjoyed whenever you want for healthy, optimized kitchen management. It's 100% food waste free!

Weekly menus include 4 soups (2 x 2 flavors), 10 dishes (2 x 5 flavors) and 2 desserts (2 x 1 flavor).

Menu for the week of April 20th to 23rd

2x Indian Style Lentil Soup

2x Wonton Soup


2x Veal Blanquette

2x Beef Tonkinese Bowl

2x Chicken Thai Curry

2x Spanish Paella

2x Salmon Fillet with Jambalaya


2x Bread Pudding

1x Mousse Entremet 100% chocolate for 4 to 6 people

+ Get a free jar of Bilboquet maple ice cream (500 ml)

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