Soupe wonton - La Réserve Culinaire Montréal
Soupe wonton - La Réserve Culinaire Montréal

Wonton Soup

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Wonton Soup

Made with our clear broth with Cantonese accents, our wonton soup is garnished with a delicate julienne of crisp vegetables. The finely textured pork and green onion stuffing enhances our Chinese ravioli.

Ingredients : Broth (poultry stock (water, poultry bone, carrot, celery, leek, onion, garlic, herbs), ginger, salt), pork wonton (paste: enriched flour, water, liquid whole egg, wheat gluten, corn starch, sodium hydroxide, salt, potassium sorbate. Stuffing: pork, water, soy protein, cabbage, cilantro, sugar, soy sauce (water, wheat, soy, salt, sodium benzoate, aspergillus sojae), sesame oil, modified tapioca starch, salt, MSG, pork flavor (autolyzed yeast extract, maltodextrin, salt, flavor, smoke flavor, partially hydrogenated sunflower oil, silicon dioxide), sodium phosphate, spices), carrot, zucchini, spinach, green onion.

Contains: Wheat, egg, sesame, soy, sulfites.

May contain: Peanut, shellfish, milk, mustard, nuts.

Serving size: 300 g

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